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CONTENTS 1  Greeting 2  Osifu’s growth history 3  Five years ago, Osifu was a lonely walker; now with you 4  The heart method of Tantric Dharma 5  The Ten Great Vows of Osifu 6  The Mantra of Osifu 7  Following in the footsteps of Buddha Shakyamuni 8  Noah’s Ark 9  Study with perseverance 10  Everything […]


Hello, friend. Best wishes to you! All of us are each a beam of light from the universe. The cosmic centre is our common home. Every spirit in the universe is equal, just like brothers and sisters, without the difference between countries. Our true minds are one and dear to each other. Now the universe […]


Look at the calendar: today is October 31, 2013. How time flies! In 2008, Osifu published his first gatha “Chaotianmen Praise” on the internet, and it has been more than 5 years in a flash.  Five years ago, Osifu was a lonely walker, and now with you. Five years ago, Osifu was a lonely gardener, […]


September 3rd, 2011 Start from 〇 and return to 〇. Everything starts from 〇 and returns to 〇in the end. Be egoless and unconditioned in order to perform in accordance with the Way. Bring bliss to all under Heaven and rescue all beings. The Great Way is its being, what it is, which is unconditioned […]


October 10th, 2011 Namo Master Shakyamuni Buddha! Namo original teacher Shakyamuni Buddha!Namo original teacher Shakyamuni Buddha!Namo original teacher Shakyamuni Buddha!Namo original teacher Shakyamuni Buddha!Namo original teacher Shakyamuni Buddha! Our eleven-day Indian pilgrimage to venerate Shakyamuni Buddha lasted from 5-7 a.m. September 28th at Maoshi to 5-7 a.m. October 8th at Maoshi. We have now completed […]


Today is October 5th 2012, August 20th in the Chinese lunar calendar, an ordinary day. Look up and observe the sky where it is clear with light wind and clouds. Look down and examine the earth where an autumnal vast expanse runs its due course. Sit quietly in front of the window and close the […]


Today is January 12th 2013, December 1st in the Chinese lunar calendar. Now China is in winter, the coldest time of the year. Especially this year, the temperatures in many regions have reached the lowest temperature in the past thirty years. It is too cold. So all of you need to protect yourselves from the […]


Today is March 12th, 2013, Tuesday. There’s still a myriad of twinkling lights outside the window with drizzle in the night sky. Neither the moon nor any star can be seen. Osifu has just eaten dinner. The dish was soybean milk film-sautéed with bok-choy, and the staple food was rice. The bok-choy was fresh, crisp […]


Today is March 23rd 2013, Saturday. There is a myriad of twinkling lights outside the window. The distant Mount Fengyi is like ink and umber-black dye. Osifu hasn’t communicated heartfelt wishes with you for over ten days and always feels that there is something missing. Osifu misses and recalls you all at every moment, and […]


Today is April 28th, 2013, Sunday. It’s a fresh and nice morning again and birds are singing joyfully. It is fortunate that we are still alive and we still have mortal bodies. Our journey on the earth will continue. We came to the earth out of affinity with and love of the earth. We are […]