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Phillip Medhurst presents 004/788 James Tissot Bible c 1899 God creates Eve Genesis 2:21-22 Morgan Museum New York

Phillip Medhurst presents 003/788 James Tissot Bible c 1899 God creates Adam Genesis 1:27 Morgan Museum New York


Phillip Medhurst presents 002_788 James Tissot Bible c 1899 God creates the lights of the heavens Genesis 1_15 Morgan Museum New York

Phillip Medhurst presents 001/788 the James Tissot Bible c 1899 The Creation Genesis 1:5 Gouache on board 20.7 × 24.6 cms Jewish Museum New York


The Apocalypse Revealed 16 (Finis)

The scroll of the six days of creation is open for all to see in the Book of Genesis. The basis for God’s salvage-operation is also available for all to see in the Law. The scroll of the six “days” of destruction is open in the Apocalypse of John. During the seventh “day” of a thousand years God will “rest” from the destruction and Satan will be bound so that the “everlasting gospel” can be seen, unobscured by the forces of evil (Revelation 14:6-7, Romans 1:19-22). In the final consummation the scroll of creation – upon which God’s Word has been written – will be rolled up, and all will begin anew. The Light of Gnosis, God’s first creation, will once again illumine nature, and those passing the final test will be given access to the Tree of Life.


The Apocalypse Revealed 13

The Spiritual Israel of Gnosis is symbolised in Revelation by the 12 stars crowning creation’s progenitrix Sophia (Revelation 12:1) – the faithful remnant of the “old” covenant – and by her child who, withdrawn from the world of carnality, is the ever-growing great crowd of adherents to the “new” covenant. The child’s sustenance is Scripture truly understood. The two witnesses – the Old Testament and New Testaments – were suppressed by a corrupt religion during the Constantinian apostasy (Revelation 11). No human institution can be an infallible depository of Truth; all religions are corrupted by carnal considerations. The Gnostic must turn to the lampstand of true light and the olive tree of its sustenance wherever it is to be found.