Revealed Religion : Benjamin West. 065 of 100 Bible images

by phillipmedhurst

065  The Crucifixion
065 The Crucifixion

The Crucifixion. Study in oil colour, for a glass painting by Charles Forrest. From 1779 to 1801 West became involved with the restoration of St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. He created this design for a new west window, which when completed was to be 28 feet wide by 36 high. The only surviving depiction of its intended appearance is this squared watercolour drawing left by Forrest. Although Forrest commenced painting the glass in 1799, it was still unfinished at the time of his death in 1807. The window was eventually put in pieces into store. In 1846 it was presented to St Paul’s cathedral in Calcutta, where twenty years later it was totally destroyed by a cyclone.