by phillipmedhurst


Today is August 19, 2013, Monday, sunny, still hot. Everything in the small town where Osifu lives is melting, the leaves all wilted, and some have already dried up. Looking through the window, everything as far as the eye can see is dazzling, reflecting the light of the sun. Under the strong sunlight, there are few pedestrians, and the road, rarely, is peaceful.

At this time the sun can not be seen directly; it is too strong!

If it weren’t for the air conditioner, and the hot weather lasting for so long, I don’t know how many people would have died due to the high temperature and heat.

Earth, fire, water, and wind take turns; our earth is not peaceful, and various natural disasters have recently claimed too many people’s lives.

Some scientists say that the earth has entered the active period of the earth’s plates, which will cause many earthquakes. So, have fire, water, and wind also entered an active period? Natural disasters such as high temperatures, droughts, floods, mudslides, hurricanes, and storms are setting new records in history. What has happened to the earth?

Osifu does not have the title of scientist, nor of a professor, nor of an academic authority. Osifu is just a humble ordinary person, but Osifu wants to talk about his own views. Osifu wants to feel the pulse of the earth.

There are many reasons for the current global crisis. To list them all would require a lengthy discussion. Osifu likes to simplify, pick the key points, and summarize the most prominent and serious reasons under these aspects:

1. The development of earth-civilization violates the laws of the universe, the laws of nature, and the true meaning of science.

2. The earth’s energy is seriously depleted, and no alternative clean energy has been found. Energy failure could destroy the planet, its people and most species.

3. Various resources on the earth are seriously polluted, destroyed, decomposed, combined, and transferred, causing the overall system of the earth to lose balance. The imbalance of the overall system of the earth will cause a series of chain reactions: the imbalance of the earth’s magnetic field, the imbalance of the earth’s energy field, and the imbalance of the earth’s ecological field, the imbalance of the earth’s self-purification system, the imbalance of the earth’s self-repair system, etc. These imbalances will cause a series of adjustments and fluctuations, and the consequences are terrible.

4. The population of the earth has seriously exceeded the carrying capacity of the earth, and population distribution is unreasonable.

5. The direction of technological development of people on earth violates the laws of the universe, the laws of nature, and the true meaning of science.

6. There are outstanding problems in the operational mode of human society on earth which needs to be reformed. An advanced society should embody: equality, freedom, service, dedication, purification, sublimation, light, love, harmony, and perfection.

7. The intelligence-level of people on earth is relatively low and needs to be improved urgently. Self-centeredness, selfishness, self-interest, greed, aggression, murder, adultery, superstition, tunnel vision, ignorance, impetuousness, etc. are all manifestations of low awareness.

8. People on earth lack a correct understanding of the universe as a whole. It is wrong to think of development as centred on the earth, and it is wrong to be earth-centrically full of fear or hostility towards the universe. The universe is full of light and love, the earth is an inseparable part of the universe as a whole, and the people on earth are members of the great family of the universe.

9. People on earth lack the spirit of cooperation, and everyone seeks development centred on their own interests. This kind of concept and behaviour is extremely wrong. As a result, they cannot achieve good development, and may even cause internal friction or serious mutual harm. This issue must be resolved especially between countries and between regions.

10. People on earth mistakenly think that the earth belongs to the people on earth. This kind of thinking is the thinking of most people on the earth. This wrong idea will seriously hinder the overall ascent of the earth. The development and ascent of the earth is inseparable from the help of high-dimensional and highly intelligent beings in the universe. With the current intelligence level of earth-people, we cannot solve the further ascent of the earth alone. We earth-people have entered a dead end in many aspects. We must proceed with the help of high-dimensional and intelligent beings in the universe. The high-dimensional and intelligent beings in the universe must obtain the permission of the vast majority of people on earth to come to the earth and give a helping hand, because they follow the law of respect toward the universe, and they cannot come to the earth and give help without the permission of most people on earth. To help, they also have to “follow the procedure.”

Originally Osifu wanted to briefly summarise the top ten reasons for the formation of the earth crisis, but found that there was too much to talk about, and the result was more and more considerations. In fact, every article can be expanded, and it needs a long speech. Considering that many people have no patience to read long speeches, I have tried to be as concise as possible.

This must come to an end here, but does what I’m talking about today have anything to do with Osifu’s solar dream? Did we digress? Osifu just said clearly that today he will talk about Osifu’s solar dream, but today’s talk is clearly Osifu’s earth dream.

The earth is an inseparable part of the solar system. The earth belongs to the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe.

The earth cannot be destroyed!

The earth cannot be derailed!

The earth cannot fail!

The earth cannot be out of balance!

The loss of balance of the earth will affect the loss of balance of the solar system, and the most likely to be out of balance, most likely to be derailed, most likely to be exhausted, most likely to be destroyed, to be most unstable, and to be the most fluctuating among the planets of the sun is the earth!

The high-dimensional and intelligent beings in the universe focus their attention on the earth!

If the earth dream is not beautiful, what about the sun dream?

If the crisis on the earth is not resolved, will the solar system suffer?

Millions of years from now, the sun will still shine brightly.

Osifu’s sun dream is bright, loving, brilliant, brilliant, selfless, dedicated, peaceful, and complete.

Osifu’s dream of the sun cannot be without a beautiful earth. Osifu does not worry about the sun, and Osifu is most worried about the earth.

Let’s care for the earth; care for the earth, purify the earth, and raise up the earth together – shall we?

Osifu hopes to get a positive answer.

Thank you all!