by phillipmedhurst


Today is January 7th 2014, Tuesday, the seventh day of the new year.

The smog outside the window is still there, and it started to rain last night. The city streets, flow of people, and traffic appear more ethereal and illusory in the smog and drizzle.

Standing on the balcony, closing my eyes, breathing the polluted air, listening to the car horns and the noise of the construction site, everything makes me clearly feel that I am still alive, living in an inhospitable and dangerous environment on this planet.

Osifu’s articles are not just written for you, but also for future generations, so that future generations can know what happened to the earth in Osifu’s time.

Osifu also hopes that aliens will read Osifu’s articles, so that aliens will know what happened to the earth in Osifu’s time.

Osifu should faithfully record what is seen, heard, and felt.

Every word Osifu said is not just for you, but for all the past, present and future beings of the universe.

Today, I again brewed a pot of Maoyan berry tea. After I tasted it, it was still bitter, so bitter that it refreshed my heart. After the bitterness, it was still sweet, as sweet as an orchid.

In fact, Osifu’s literary talent is not good, and he is not good at choosing words and making sentences. When Osifu was in elementary and middle school, he liked science and explored the mysteries of the universe. He spent a lot of time making bamboo dragonflies, kites, aeroplane models, ship models, sailboat models, electric motors, generators, windmills, etc. Of course, most of the experiments failed.

It is worth mentioning that the kite made by Osifu flew into the sky, and he was very happy about it for a long time. In the primary school I attended before, no student could do it.

The ideal of Osifu primary and secondary education was always to become a scientist, with a determination to study and explore the mysteries of the universe. From today’s perspective, Osifu’s ideal has not changed, and he is still researching and exploring the mysteries of the universe, but now his thinking is clearer, his goals are clearer, his scope is wider, and his mind is broader.

The universe is so vast and boundless, and the universe is a unity of infinity and infinity.

Time is too illusory, without beginning and without end; time is the unity of no beginning and no end.

Space too is illusory, without inside or outside; space is the unity of frequency and dimension.

Human beings will never be able to reveal the mysteries of the universe with the current level of intelligence, scientific instruments and research methods.

The overall intelligence level of people on earth needs to be improved urgently.

The overall intelligence level of people on earth can no longer meet the needs of the progress of earth civilization.

The intelligence of people on earth needs a “revolution”, which mainly refers to the inner “revolution” – adjustment, cleansing, conversion, purification, sublimation, and promotion.

This intelligent revolution will realize the great transformation, great sublimation, and great leap of human cognition and thinking, which are reflected in the following ten aspects:

1. Cognition of and thinking about an overall view of the universe.

2. Running regular cognitive thinking.

3. Universal systematic cognition and thinking.

4. The understanding of and thinking about the integration of the earth.

5. The understanding of and thinking about economic globalisation.

6. The cognition of and thinking about  political service.

7. Cognitive thinking about social harmony.

8. Cognitive thinking about ecological balance.

9. Cognitive thinking about nature-orientated science and technology.

10. The nderstanding of and thinking about religious truth.

There are still many indicators and requirements for the intelligent revolution of the people on earth concerning detail. The above ten points are briefly put forward for your research and reference.

The intelligent revolution of the people on earth is imperative. This is the trend of history. No one or any thing can stop it!

When will the intelligence revolution of the people on earth start?

It has already begun, although it is not obvious at present.

There is every reason to believe that in the near future, the overall intelligence level of the people on earth will achieve a major transformation, great sublimation, and great leap.

The tea is cold! Osifu is going to boil water, and brew it several times. The tea will not be bitter.

Always have everyone in mind!

Always bless everyone!

May I be with you all the time!

This material by OSIFU has been mainly extracted from:  https://m.xuite.net/blog/cosmicobert

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