by phillipmedhurst


November 1st, 2013

Osifu was born in a small village on the banks of the Huaihe River, which used to be his childhood paradise, with beautiful mountains, clear water, golden sand, flying egrets and birds, lush forests and bamboos – a fairyland on earth.

Osifu lived in this small village before he went to the city to study in 1992. During that time, he was poor and happy, just as in a fairy tale.

Osifu’s grandparents had been farmers for generations. His parents were illiterate. His grandfather could read a few words, and his great-grandfather used to be a long-term labourer for landlords in the old society, and his circumstances were even more miserable.

The greatest influence on Osifu is his mother, and Osifu’s mother is the Buddha in Osifu’s mind.

Osifu’s mother is an ordinary peasant woman who has no schooling, no culture, and no experience in the world, but has a crystal-like heart.

Osifu learned sincerity, kindness and purity from his mother;

Osifu learned to be kind to others from his mother;

Osifu learned patience and humility from his mother;

Osifu learned innocence from his mother;

Osifu learned dignity from his mother;

Osifu learned from his mother not to be greedy or possessive;

Osifu learned from his mother not to fight;

Osifu learned to love country and people from his mother;

Osifu learned to obey the law from his mother;

Osifu learned to respect God from his mother;

Osifu’s mother taught Osifu so much which has benefited Osifu all his life.

The mother told Osifu the story of “mother-in-law tattooing” and taught Osifu to serve the country with loyalty.

The mother told Osifu the story of “Bao Zheng’s case” and taught Osifu to be a clean man.

The mother told Osifu the story of “Tianbo Loyalty” and taught Osifu to love country and the people.

My mother was illiterate but could tell many stories. Where did these stories come from? – from watching a big show.

At that time, during the slack season or during the temple fairs, there were often “big singing operas” in the countryside. Osifu has watched big dramas with his mother since he was a child.

What Osifu watched most was “Mu Guiying in Command”, “Mulan”, “Chaoyanggou”, “Three Cries”, “Golden Branches”, “Seven Sesame Officials”, “Kou Zhun Back Boots” and so on. At first, I just watched the excitement, but later I also learned to keep my eye on the doorway, and learned a lot of principles of life.

The most common thing my mother said in Osifu’s ear was: “Be a good person!” While watching the play, she would tell Osifu who was good and who was bad.

Yang Jiajiang, Bao Zheng, Hua Mulan, and Qipin Zhima official Tang Chengcheng became the role models for Osifu to learn from.

When I was in elementary school, I had little time to go to the big plays, and I concentrated my time and energy on my studies, and I could no longer watch performances from the troupe.

Osifu has always been excellent in his studies. He worked silently and his parents never had to worry about him.

My biggest hobby was to play alone by the Huaihe River after school, which was a paradise for Osifu.

The beauty of the distant mountains, the clearness of the Huaihe River, the flowing clouds in the sky, the singing of birds, the fragrance of flowers and plants, the luxuriant forests, and the quietness of the pruned bamboos make Osifu linger forever.

Osifu has enjoyed being alone since he was a child; he likes to be quiet, and he doesn’t like noise.

Osifu would often lie on the beach and watch the flowing clouds, and unconsciously see the darkness.

At that time, Osifu didn’t know how to practice Zen, nor did he know how to realize Taoism. I just liked to lie, sit, listen, and watch quietly in such a way – without thinking or doing anything – and let the time go by, and the Huai Shui go eastward.

Another hobby of Osifu when he was a child was watching the starry sky. Whenever there was nothing to do at night, Osifu would lie on the grass or sit on a chair to watch the starry sky. Without saying a word, he silently looked at the starry sky, the Milky Way, and countless stars. If you watch and watch silently like this, you will feel extremely at ease, quiet, and peaceful in your heart.

Osifu’s poor but happy childhood and adolescence passed in this way, without any ripples.

In this way, Osifu grew up day by day by day by day. Just like you and billions of people, Osifu is an ordinary person with ordinary life experiences.

I am very happy to share the growth process of Osifu with you, or you can better understand Osifu through these words, which will help us further strengthen heart-to-heart communication, energy and energy fluctuations, information and information-exchange, watchwords and password adjustment.

I hope that we will be heart to heart, hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, adjusting, purifying, sublimating, and enhanced together, and creating a better future together!

Always bless everyone!