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08. Adoration of the Shepherds by Jorge Sanchez Hernandez

Jorge Sánchez Hernández [1926 – 2016] was a Mexican Catholic painter and continuator of the style of 17th century Spanish Baroque painters. Collections include: Portraits of Colonial Nuns; Scenes from Ancient Mexico; the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Collection; the Mother of Jesus Collection; the Gospel Scenes Collection; the Collection with scenes from the […]

040  The Nativity

The Nativity. c1796. Location unknown. Probably a studio painting based on the cartoon for the glass window made for the Royal Chapel at Windsor.

039  The Nativity

The Nativity. 1792. Oil and paper on canvas. Height: 497.8 cms (16.3 ft); width: 256.5 cms (100.9 ins). National Trust, Petworth House, Petworth, West Sussex. For the window for St. George’s Chapel, Windsor which was installed in 1796. From 1779 to 1801 West was engaged in George III’s many alterations to Windsor Castle, and became […]



Incandescent lamp-posts glow

Brightly through the shower of snow.

The tombstones, wet,

Reflect a flash

Of fake resuscitation.

The pale scene vaunts

Beauty unmarred,

Unstained by obscene flesh.

How perfect and pristine! –

Unspoilt by bestial notions

Of God dropped in the hay,

And livestock’s smoky breath

Set to thaw Death.