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I have long been interested in psychic matters, and in the possibility of communication with the Unseen World, and have received some inspirational writings clairaudiently, which have included several books, and part of the present script.

On January 22nd, 1931, a change came in the system of Mediumship. I was told to project my consciousness to the Temple of Truth, which stands upon one of the outer Spheres of our planet, and I was taken in vision to an immense chamber, which was, no doubt, the Hall of Learning. There, a large book with clasps was shown to me, lying open upon a lectern.

Later in the day, I received the following message from the Priest of the Temple:

“Write at our command, for that which is given to thy pen shall be of the Holy Writ which is inscribed in the Book of Truth which is kept within the Temple which thou has seen.

“For herein are written the Laws of God, not as they have been interpreted by man, but as they exist fundamentally, the foundation of all Cause from which all manifestations of Nature spring and all Matter evolves according to the necessity of man’s evolution. . . .

“We are not able to carry this Book into thy plane; the volume is too sacred. Therefore thou must come to us within the Temple to study that which is written therein. Thy mind shall understand the symbols, and shall impress thy brain with images which it shall interpret in words and parables of earth. Fear not to carry forth this Word even unto the least, for until the least is become as the greatest, the Kingdom of the Christ shall not have been fulfilled.”

Of the ensuing astral journeys which I doubtless undertook I can remember very little, but I have not the slightest doubt that my super-conscious mind did actually make these contacts during physical sleep, and that the sub-conscious mind stored the memories which became exteriorized during the process of the regular sittings which I undertook for the purposes of this book. . . .

I would not, however, be fulfilling my duty as Transcriptrice if I did not emphasize the human aspect of this work. Even in the full belief that this philosophy has been supernormally attained, it must be kept in mind that the teaching comes through a human channel and can lay no claim to infallibility in any shape or form.


24th June 1932


Lections from the Book of Truth


The Apocalypse Revealed 13

The Spiritual Israel of Gnosis is symbolised in Revelation by the 12 stars crowning creation’s progenitrix Sophia (Revelation 12:1) – the faithful remnant of the “old” covenant – and by her child who, withdrawn from the world of carnality, is the ever-growing great crowd of adherents to the “new” covenant. The child’s sustenance is Scripture truly understood. The two witnesses – the Old Testament and New Testaments – were suppressed by a corrupt religion during the Constantinian apostasy (Revelation 11). No human institution can be an infallible depository of Truth; all religions are corrupted by carnal considerations. The Gnostic must turn to the lampstand of true light and the olive tree of its sustenance wherever it is to be found.

The Apocalypse Revealed 12

The new Exodus began in fact with Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Thus the “great crowd” carrying their palms (Revelation 7:9) are compared implicitly to the throng who acknowledged Jesus as the Messiah and hailed him as he embarked on the series of events which will saw him crucified by the false religion of Babylon (Revelation: 7:4-10, 14:1). The New Jerusalem is founded on both the “old” and the “new” covenants (Revelation 21:12-14): Gnostics of all ages of history are able to recognise that higher Truth and imperative which inevitably leads to martyrdom at the hand of those religious Powers-that-Be which, though unmasked by the knowledge of Truth inherent in the Gnostic, have a Protean ability to form new images of themselves to worship (Revelation 13:13).

The Apocalypse Revealed 10

The six periods of sin-induced catastrophe on the earth are punctuated by six covenants which are part of God’s salvage-operation: through Noah, through Abraham, through Moses, through Joshua, through David, and through Jesus. Each covenant is an agreement by means of which a faithful remnant is defined by its commitment to Higher Truth and sets itself apart from the world, so that it may not only be spared the second death in the lake of fire, but be re-admitted to Paradise and access to the Tree of Life (Revelation 20:11-15). In each case in the Biblical account the spiritual movement towards God is symbolised by a geographical movement, and each covenant is sealed by the blood of sacrifice.

The Apocalypse Revealed 2

One incarnation of the underground stream of Truth is the Apocalypse of John of Patmos. Unsurprisingly, visions here of the end-time are reflections of dreams of the beginnings. In both, the number seven is key as the time-sequence of the primal story, and light is the symbol by which all other symbols are seen. And yet, as if to emphasise the fact that Truth is not located in sequential order and rational lucidity, the Apocalypse constantly subverts sequence and reason in its presentation of material: the orderly and light-filled procession of the story of creation has become a nightmarish jumble, a reflection of the creation-story seen in a glass darkly – as darkened by sin and as rendered a counterfeit of God’s intended order.

The Apocalypse Revealed 1

Man has the Divine within him. Spiritual Truth is located within the deeper recesses of the mind rather than on the shallow surface of consciousness. It manifests itself as story or tableau the meaning of which is not always easy to articulate in rational terms. Indeed, such Truth may be altered and so distorted by “worldly” considerations – such as the material needs of a professional priesthood, the maintenance and upkeep of buildings, and the requirement of hierarchies to be seen to be historically consistent in their utterances. But the spring cannot be dammed: the underground stream of stories, images and symbols – dreams dreamed, remembered and re-incarnated in word, paint or stone – will continue to gush forth.