Lections from the Book of Truth. Foreword

by phillipmedhurst


I have long been interested in psychic matters, and in the possibility of communication with the Unseen World, and have received some inspirational writings clairaudiently, which have included several books, and part of the present script.

On January 22nd, 1931, a change came in the system of Mediumship. I was told to project my consciousness to the Temple of Truth, which stands upon one of the outer Spheres of our planet, and I was taken in vision to an immense chamber, which was, no doubt, the Hall of Learning. There, a large book with clasps was shown to me, lying open upon a lectern.

Later in the day, I received the following message from the Priest of the Temple:

“Write at our command, for that which is given to thy pen shall be of the Holy Writ which is inscribed in the Book of Truth which is kept within the Temple which thou has seen.

“For herein are written the Laws of God, not as they have been interpreted by man, but as they exist fundamentally, the foundation of all Cause from which all manifestations of Nature spring and all Matter evolves according to the necessity of man’s evolution. . . .

“We are not able to carry this Book into thy plane; the volume is too sacred. Therefore thou must come to us within the Temple to study that which is written therein. Thy mind shall understand the symbols, and shall impress thy brain with images which it shall interpret in words and parables of earth. Fear not to carry forth this Word even unto the least, for until the least is become as the greatest, the Kingdom of the Christ shall not have been fulfilled.”

Of the ensuing astral journeys which I doubtless undertook I can remember very little, but I have not the slightest doubt that my super-conscious mind did actually make these contacts during physical sleep, and that the sub-conscious mind stored the memories which became exteriorized during the process of the regular sittings which I undertook for the purposes of this book. . . .

I would not, however, be fulfilling my duty as Transcriptrice if I did not emphasize the human aspect of this work. Even in the full belief that this philosophy has been supernormally attained, it must be kept in mind that the teaching comes through a human channel and can lay no claim to infallibility in any shape or form.


24th June 1932


Lections from the Book of Truth