The Apocalypse Revealed 9

by phillipmedhurst

In the Apocalypse the 42 months of God’s judgement on the natural order of creation is spoken of as 1260 days and 3½ years: 6 times 7 months. After the half-hour complete “rest” of God His Sabbath continues with Jesus: the human son of God, the second Adam, ruling on behalf of his Father for 1000 years. Thus the 49 months of post-lapsarian creation is completed: the Great White Throne Judgment concludes a period of 7000 years from the death of Adam and the Flood, itself 7000 years after the creation of the Light of Gnosis. Creation is re-run and the world is renewed. A word of caution, however, is needed: the numbers are symbolic, as is the number 144,000 of the spiritual Israel.